Where songs are the stars…

Payn Kyller Records strives to impact millions through music written and recorded by artists with tremendous stories. In addition, we want to revolutionize the industry and provide artists with greater creative and financial freedom.

We believe the best way to accomplish these feats is to sign and promote individual songs from the best singer-songwriters, producers, and musicians. Our hope is that this unique approach gives the best stories yet to be told a chance to be the star of the show in every song.

If you are an upcoming songwriter or have been around for a while, it doesn’t matter. Our label’s unique design protects your artistic freedom and gets your music out there to the awaiting masses. Interested to learn more, then contact us.

Latest Artist

Thea Lissi

The signing of Thea Lissi in 2021 has served as a continued catalyst to refine our mission and vision. Initially signed to a 3-song recording contract, we quickly saw that Thea’s talent as a singer-songwriter, and her story required more than a few songs. Thea Lissi is a talented pop artist that transitioned from dancer/instructor to television personality to now, the music industry. Her first self-published debut “Ready Now” is a piece crafted from relationship experience and her journey from divorce to now single mom. Payn Kyller Records knew Lissi’s creativity, story, and authenticity would stand out and relate to many music listeners, and we are delighted with her progress as an emerging performing artist.


An ideas was bornPAYN KYLLER RECORDS

Payn Kyller Records was founded in the summer of 2021 when Dan Henderson, a seasoned-entrepreneur with a passion for music, teamed up with his long-time friend Byron Booker, a fellow entrepreneur, producer, singer-songwriter, and recording artist. After what initially began as an exploratory exercise to evaluate an unsigned artist, and Dan’s interest in song-writing, the experience proved to be more than enough for the two friends to know that making music together was part of their untold story.



Thea Lissi Listening Party | Virgin Hotel Nashville